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    Rubidium metal sample from the Dennis s.k collection

    Rubidium metal sample by Dnn87


    Fireworks by James Manners

Have you ever heard Adele’s song ‘Set fire to the rain‘? If you had some rubidium this would actually be possible!

Rubidium is very reactive in water, and sets fire to hydrogen that it sets free from the water.

Rubidium is a very soft, silvery white metal. As well as behaving very strangely in water, rubidium can suddenly burst into flames in the air too!

Rubidium burns with a yellowish purple flame and is sometimes used in fireworks to give them a purple colour.

Rubidium is also used to make photocells, which convert light energy into electrical eneergy. Photocells are used in security alarm systems to detect movement if someone breaks in, and are also used to convert solar energy into electricity.

It’s not just a pretty colour!

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